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Not ok
Always over thinking…

I’m not ok with my latest projects. I’m a full stack programmer but I’m not good at ideas.

Most of my work does not match the vision of the programmers I admire. At minimum I try to meet my expectations and be comfortable with the end result. I’m sure the Impostor Syndrome is the big player here but maybe a bit more of practice will help mitigate it.

Having ideas is not my best suit, I’m a logical person. Improving stuff based on past experiences is what I’m good at. I guess this is why I think my projects are just copies of something which already exists.

At this point, working on projects does not mean gaining experience or making something unique but a playground in which you only want kids to play to see the quality of your work. Once that is done, you don’t care if they come back to play again. Your work has been done.

Would you consider the possibility of being able to analyze, break and assemble stuff as something ok and creative?. Everything I find or see is old stuff reworked with numerous approaches.

However, this is a good way to work. Most of the people will find it as the most efficient way to improve. I’m not the first person struggling with this and will surely not be the last one.

If you’re a developer who finds design difficult, you’re probably skipping the – inspiration phase – which, in non-designer speak, roughly translates to – look at other designs and rip off the good ideas.

Mark Dalgleish from a Twitter status

This is good….but to what degree can I claim this work as my own?

I usually listen videos when writing so I will embed them on each post from now on:

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