I consider beFree to be a playground for me to learn. This project has been worked on for about 2 years now and I always end up improving and/or adding features that I never though were possible. Such features have made it more and more complex, it has made it possible to have many many dependencies that right now I’m unaware of which ones I’m using. However, the project keeps running and I keep updating the dependencies once a month and so far nothing has broken other than the front-end, lol.

The main feature that I have been trying to learn and that somehow I just can not grasp the concept of is the idea of real-time data, yes, I could easily do some type of polling with the JavaScript setInverval() method but that is like an illusion, not the real deal which is what I’m aiming for. I took a break from it and started to focus on more small projects, right now I’m working on a storage system which only consists of users and some type of posts, easy!.

This has been great break for me, it gave me new perspectives, it has made it possible to add more apps to my portfolio and has given me more ideas about what to add to beFree and the rest of the projects I’m thinking about.

Lastly, I would like to say, this is what I’m currently working on beFree, take a look:

To DoIn ProgressDoneFrozen
Account recovery via secondaryEmailLoginActivityWho to follow widgetReal time data
LoginOut bugRetrieval of @mentions from stringsTimeline fixedAudio chat
AWS S3 File upload function not workingData encryptionAuth controlled updates failedLoginAttempts according to the user’s email
Email needs its HTML to be properly renderedFeatured post functionality
TextAreas should also handle images/videos/audios/files/etcRetrieval of #hashtags from strings
YouTube multiple uploader in global state and unfinished HTTP request should be cancelled whenever the logout function is triggered and/or browser tab is closed
Authentication login via biometric data using HID 4500 Finger print reader

When will I be able to add and/or fix all of this? to that, I still don’t know but I will surely work on them. Everything that is going on in my personal life is taking a toll on me, per once, I’m again back at school which I never though would do; I’m mentally preparing myself to go full active in the Army as an Officer; I’m mentally preparing myself to attend some of the schools that will help me to become the type of man I want to be like and overall, the most important goal, I’m trying to re-connect with old friends from Mexico which I though were lost but have given me a new opportunity and I’m saving money to buy toys(I already bought one, lol…it is a car xD) in Mexico and to prepare myself for the day I go back. Hooah!.

Bye Bye 🙂

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